General information

Racers from all over the world will gather to one location - Lake Winnebago in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin USA - for an entire week. There are several classes in this sport, but the WISSA is the only event where all of them are together in one location.

There are 3 classes in 2015 WISSA World Championship:

  • Sled Class: Sleds with handheld sails, that means standard windsurfing rigs
  • Kite Class: Kites with skis and Kites with snowboards
  • Wing Class: Wings, Kitewings and Skate sails.

WISSA 2015 is packed with exciting activities that will keep competitors and spectators entertained as well. During the day, thrilling races will take place and sponsors will have their booths open to demonstrate equipment or sell food and refreshments. In the evenings, parties and other gatherings will offer a great opportunity to meet the racers and make friends. Meanwhile, competitors will still have plenty of time to wax and perfect their equipment.

Here's a quick preview of some of the other events and features planned for WISSA 2015:

  • Warming structures on the ice
  • Food and beer tents
  • Scheduled shuttle service provided by select hotels to WISSA event location
  • Equipment storage
  • Special thanks to the volunteers who are doing a lot of work for WISSA 2015. No race could be held without their help. Also, special thanks to all of the sponsors who will help make this event happen. You can support these sponsors by visiting their booths on the ice during the week's events.

    Contact Dan Deuster at or call 920-960-9676.

    For more information about sponsorship contact Dan Deuster at or call 920-960-9676