Look Who's Coming

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kevin gratton


Kevin Gratton is owner of Wind Power Windsurfing & Kiting Center (www.windpowerwindsurfing.com) in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin USA, one of the Midwest’s best known windsurf and kiting businesses, located at the entry point to the WISSA 2015 events on Lake Winnebago. Kevin has over 25 years of experience as a sailor and shop owner. He was PRO for the 2008 US Windsurfing Nationals and Advisor for the 2014 US Windsurfing Nationals. He has been a race director since the mid-eighties with over 50 events where he was the PRO Principle Race Officer. He has in his credits:

  • 2006 Windsurfer of the Year
  • World One Design Racing Championship
  • Certified Mistal Instructor
  • Co-Founder of MoWind
  • Competed in 6 World Windsurfing Championships, 2 WISSA Championships
  • Has a few National Windsurfing titles
  • Sailor of the Year 2005 FDL Sailing Club (for involvement and development with kids' sailing classes, as well as promotion of sailing in general)
  • PRO for the Sturgeon Stampede numerous times.
Kevin owns the property across from Roosevelt County Park (entry point for WISSA 2015). He is dedicated to getting kids involved in the sport. His other passions include; hunting, skiing, snowboarding, waterskiing, motorcycles, snowmobiling, sailboats and having more FUN!

andy gratton

WISSA Judge #1

Andy Gratton, 52 yrs. is from Oshkosh, WI. Race Officer and Judge for: 2008 & 2014 US Windsurfing Nationals, Ice Boats and Sailboat Regattas, 2010 Canadian National Champion, 1st 2014 Cork Windsurfing Regatta, 7th overall 2nd in weight class 2014 Kona Worlds. Andy is a test and development Engineer at Oshkosh Trucks. He has sailed and raced since he was young so it’s no surprise that his hobbies are playing with the wind and the water!

richard liepins


Richard Liepiņš, 45, is from Latvia and was a former Winter Windsurfing (WW) Short Track Slalom (STS) Race Officer in most of the major WW STS World Ice and Snow Sailing (WISSA) events since 2009 and an STS Judge in Winter Windsurfing Europe (WWEO) since 2012.

He has been skiing for 40 years, sailing for 33 years - Six of them "full time" on the Finn (Olympic dinghy) class on the Latvian team and USSR youth team,. He has been Windsurfing for 31 years, 20 of them on planning boards and snowboarding for 15 years. He recently received an award from WISSA for developing the STS discipline in winter windsurfing and introducing the sport internationally.

His other hobbies include windsurfing related sports clubs and associations, architecture, guitar, books and kayaking. His company specializes in contract floorings and maintenance and in recent years he has employed approximatley 25 people.

dom zimmermann


Dominik Zimmermann (Dom), 33, was born in Germany, calls earth his "home spot." He snow and landkites and holds the 2nd German Buggy Champion and 4th on Buggy Euro. In his free time he mountain bikes and likes to chill. "Watch me dancing – I do all the moves." He claims that he gets all his inspiration from watching other riders.

klaus faisst


Klaus, 71, from Ontario, Canada started ice and snow sailing, as well as wind surfing in the 1980's. He has been competing at World Ice and Snow Sailing (WISSA) races since 1991. His preferred class is the "wing class", but he has also competed in the sled and kite class.

"Utilizing and enjoying nature's free wind energy is my all-year-round hobby," said Klaus. "The continuous play and motion with the forces of the wind and balancing my body weight against the pull of a sail at high speed educes a tremendous sensation of being alive and well. I find it hard to comprehend, why not more people are touched by the addiction to this clean, simple, thrilling and inexpensive winter sport." Klaus went on to say, "My expectation for the upcoming WISSA 2015 competition in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin is, as always, a place on the podium."

igor renkas


Igor Renkas, 41, was born in the Ukraine and now lives in Toronto, Canada. He has windsurfed for 38 years (75 season's - summer and winter). He has participated in WISSA since1991 and judged in 2011 in Finland. His best result was 4th place overall in 2004 in Orilia, Canada. He has received many medals in the Master category.

He is building a couple of new winter boards for competing in WISSA 2015 in Fond du Lac, WI.

normand mcguire


Normand McGuire, 51, is from Montreal, Canada. Normand started to fly stunt kites in 1995. After he discovered power kites in 2001 during a trip to the US west coast, he never looked back. His first races were at the 2006 WISSA in Trois-Rivières in 2006. Over the years in the Quebec Snowkite Cup, he became an accomplished racer. His talent and achievements have been recognized and supported by Aerosport and Flysurfer kites. He got his first world title at the 2010 WISSA in Lac St-Jean in the Master's division and third overall, repeating the feat at the 2012 WISSA in Michigan in the Master’s division and finishing 5th overall.

Normand describes himself more as a sailor than a typical kiteboarder. “I like to go on a journey, sailing smoothly for long tacks, covering long distances, almost like cross country”. About his passion, "Kiting is a way of life for me and my family. There is nothing like kiting in a smooth breeze in the sun during nice winter and summer days." During summer time, you can see Normand flying on his kiteboarding hydrofoil around the Magdalen Islands, the Caribbean of the north.

rob evans


Rob Evans, 51, is from Minnetonka, Minnesota. Rob is the winner of the 1997 WISSA sled division and long distance race and the Mille Lacs Kite Crossing in 2008. He has been an avid sailor since age 5, windsurfer from age 14 and kiter since age 35. He was a 4 time member on the US National Sailing Team and qualified and sailed in the 1992 Barcelona pre-Olympic regatta in the Flying Dutchman Class. He has won the Inland Lakes Yachting Association Championship 9 times in three different classes, as well as multiple National Sailing Championships.

"I just love being in the great outdoors, on a big lake with strong wind. It doesn’t really matter if its winter or summer or what kind of vessel – as long as the speed is high and the friction is low – I’m loving it!"

Stefan Soderlund


Stefan Söderlund, 37, is from Sweden, and has been windsurfing since 1997 and sailing on ice since 2001. He participated for the first time in WISSA 2013 in Kalajoki Finland and ended at 8th place in STS, last year he ended at 6th place on the EC in Riga and won the King of the Ice Challenge.

For 2015 he is currently on top position in the King of the Ice Challenge, top position in Ice Cup Sweden in STS class, and second place in Ice Cup Sweden Course race class. He is also designing and producing his own ice boards.

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