WISSA 2015 Rules

For the open sail class, previous WISSA meetings have increased the sail size limit. The largest sail for course racing can now be 9.5 m2. For slalom, it is in accordance with WWRR’s 8.0 m2. Further race rules will be posted here later.

For kites in course racing, there will be separate points counted for racers on skies and snowboards. There will also be new races in Kite Cross. Kite Cross will take place in stronger winds and will consist of three disciplines that will be raced with the same equipment. The race consists of three parts:

  • Speed race with GPS devices at a place determined by the judges
  • Quick downwind track for a few kites at a time
  • Freestyle race with official scores
  • Racers must attend all three disciplines in a circular mode. The winner at the end of the day is the one with best score out of all three disciplines. Depending on the scheduling of events, the Kite Cross may take place over the course of several days.

    For kitewing, there will be both a traditional course race and a short track slalom on skates, the same track as for open sail hi-boards. Additionally, there will be also a freestyle event scheduled at suitable place depending on weather conditions. A new sport will be introduced for the no-wind days.

    World Ice and Snow Sailing Association Rules

    Winter Windsurfing Rules WWR4

    Notice of Race

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